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Hibernate Audio is a messy workbench, a long to-do list, and a good ear.

Tristan pictured in a jean jacket in front of an old theater

Hi there! I'm Tristan. I'm a musician, electrical engineer, and a full stack web developer. Hibernate Audio is home to my custom music electronics designs, vintage gear repairs and modifications, and a whole host of semi-related projects.

I have a degree in Electrical Engineering, and have worked in full stack web development, digital electronics hardware design, and audio production. I grew up in Seattle, and live in Chicago.

See the Quartz prototype for HA's upcoming debut hardware product. In the hands of beta testers as we speak!

Try the Hibernate Audio modded Sony F-99 project page to see how I breathed new life into a forgotten model vintage microphone. I'm selling these in limited quantity drops, get in touch on instagram if you want one!


I also write and record music as Tristan Gregory Smith. Check out my website, or find me on spotify. You can also listen right here!