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Sony F-99

70s stereo dynamic microphone, Hibernate Audio modded. Very musical - great character pick, especially on overheads. Rewired for two low impedance, balanced, XLR connections.

Audio Samples

Sample recordings, courtesy of my own work in progress. You might hear a few mistakes here and there, or a little bleed from headphones. Recorded with a Focusrite ISA Two preamp, with no effects on them aside from a light limiter to get the volume up.

Technical Details

Sony designed these microphones for consumer use with stereo cassette recorders. Our friends in R&D took a look at their own two ears for inspiration and angled the two capsules at a whopping 160 degrees from one another. The results are super wide, and collapse to mono without major issues. Like an XY microphone, but wider.

The frequency response of these capsules is pretty lo-fi - there's a steep rolloff at about 100Hz and 10kHz (we'll call that character). With a couple XLR connectors and some ultra thin balanced cable, these microphones can be rewired for a balanced signal. They require a decent amount of gain, but they're pretty quiet in terms of self noise.

After Hibernate Audio modification:

  • 2x XLR pigtail (Red -> Right, White -> Left)
  • True balanced, low impedance signal
  • Do not apply phantom power. This mic is transformerless, so it'd be applied directly to the dynamic coil. Better safe than sorry with vintage dynamic capsules.